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At the ideation stage, we work together on defining the ideal product for our partner to successfully launch.

Having an idea and making it a business use-case is a particular exercise that needs to be done with methodology and accuracy.  We support our partners with a proven and successful method helping them to define what’s the core product they are in need for and they want to launch on the market.

We answer strategic questions as:

  • What is the purpose & vision?
  • What are the Team Strengths and matters?
  • What is the Value Proposition?
  • What Business Model to adopt?
  • What is Market Segmentation?
  • What should be the Positioning?
  • What will be the Product Experience?
  • How Go-to-market and what should be the Timing?
  • What should be the Customer experience?
  • What Momentum is needed to Scale?


We look for the real need, we analyze the purpose, the market and the business model to get to the closest possible of our partner’s vision and mission, and deliver a product that fits with the market expectation.

We deliver


Strategic recommendations

A complete document to plan your Marketing and Go-To-Market strategies for the next year.



A very useful document to manage your business and project your success.


Presentation deck

A strategic document to showcase your strategy and to raise funds.

Product documentation

Product documentation

A powerful document to sum up everything you decide your product to be or to do.

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