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For all development projects, the most important phase occurs once the products are live. Most of the time, they do not have the necessary wide range of in-house expertise and require some degree of assistance.

In order to scale, our partners must ensure that their product, their infrastructures and their user experience evolve quickly and always work perfectly.

As external CTOs and senior entrepreneurs, we combine an active knowledge of present and coming technologies, along with an understanding of the challenges that come when leading a modern business.

In this way we are uniquely qualified in bringing you innovative options, helping you make the right decisions.

We assist you with:



We have a dedicated team of QA testers to live test customer products and generate feedback reports



We may audit Applications, Websites, Software, Processes and Tools to help our partners on their technological solutions.



Sourcing, pre-qualification of candidates and technical tests are tasks that we are used to accomplishing. We offer our expertise to help our partners build their internal team.



OnCode is able to provide training on the products we have developed for our partners, and on the tools they may need in their work processes.



Our experience in creating technology partnerships allows us to finance projects, find private and public grants, help plan financial results and write presentations to investors.

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