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2022 Challenges – Khalil letter

Hello Oncodians,


I want to reveal our 2022 roadmap and announce wonderful news!


First, our new branding! After our 10th year anniversary, we believed OnCode branding was in need of a refreshment to be in better accordance with our new positioning and activities.


We all thank Hajri for his outstanding work and refreshing ideas. He allows us to shine and thrive!


This blog is also news, I wrote the first article but I wish all Oncodians will want to use it and express their thoughts.


This year we also took a big step forward by announcing our new incubator to help entrepreneurs launch new products, and coach them to hustle in the startups world.


It is a new way to teach our methodology to more companies and entrepreneurs, and to create more successful startups and uses of technology.


All our efforts will be strongly focused on developing a useful network and program to surround our partners with useful insights and feedback, so they can evolve quickly and in the right direction.


To lead by example, OnCode is also launching new startups this year. The first one to be announced is Torrifi.co. In partnership with La Vieille Europe, a 60 y.o. coffee shop in Montreal, we are launching our own coffee box! You can now receive specialty coffee, freshly roasted, directly to your door.


As we grow, our team is getting bigger and bigger, and we can now count on 35 Oncodians to help us design the technological successes of tomorrow. Actually, We are able to offer resource allocation on demand, thanks to our project managers always finding the right methods to perform with agility and adaptability.


Last but not least, our challenges for 2022 will be launching offices in Europe, to recruit ever more talentful people and help new partners worldwide.


It will be an exciting and challenging year to come !