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No matter what your field is, we code custom applications tailored to address your business needs. These kinds of apps will help you take your operating efficiency to the next level, giving you a leg up over your competition.

Management platforms

The concept of the GoodFood market is the delivery of fresh ingredients and simple recipes to people’s homes.

First, ONCODE developed a management platform that would allow managers to manage customer accounts, payments, recipe selections, projected sales and purchases while at the same time supporting GoodFood's marketing strategies.

The next thing our team did was develop their entire e-commerce platform in addition to a pleasant shop front designed to maximize potential customer conversion.

CPRMV is an organization whose primary objective is to prevent radicalization leading to violence and to support those who end up being a victim of it, whether directly or indirectly.

OnCode developed an interactive online training platform for users to self-train on important social issues. The "administrator" side allows managers and instructors to modify training and generate behavior statistics in addition to validating the acquired knowledge.

Online training platform

Internal app for sensor management and calibration

Mirador is an expert in temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors designed to transmit data at regular intervals. Mirador also features a server with tools for collecting data and writing them in a database, along with tools for generating and sending alerts to web pages.

ONCODE performed a complete system overhaul to ensure that it’s compatible with all the browsers and optimize its performance. ONCODE also completely redesigned the system.

TAZ is a place for practicing wheeled sports and alternative sports at world-class facilities.

ONCODE developed a point of sales system to achieve TAZ’s objectives, facilitate leasing, and provide marketing for it. The POS allows the center’s visitors to complete their transactions at a distance, thus rendering access to the center much faster. It also allows employees to process customer requests and manage all rental items.

Finally, the system generates tailor-made reports to improve the center’s marketing efforts. It is also linked directly to TAZ’s accounting system and all transactions are automatically transferred to it.

Point-of-sale system

Location management system

The Poubelle du ski offers a range of quality and second-hand winter recreational products.

Oncode developed a rental management system. The system allows customers to manage all the products they’ve rented. It also allows administrators to manage payments, deposits, reminders, as well as the Poubelle du ski email marketing campaigns.

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